William Turner
04/12/2014 10:24am

I have my dash plate, but it does not have the number stamped in it. How can I find out which is its production number for my dash plate?

10/26/2014 5:45am

Any luck finding out how to get your production number. I'd like to know the same thing.

03/27/2015 5:27am

We use this technique to make creative logo designs for our clients. Thank you so much for sharing.

08/29/2015 9:35pm

I love Mustangs. They are a different kind of car compared to others. I find out recently while I was looking through some research papers at the library that mustangs are actually wild horse, but were domesticated. The more appropriate term to use is feral horses, which descended from domesticated horses. There are so much to learn when you are in the library. It has a different allure that makes learning more fun actually. It’s maybe because I was surrounded by different books.


Mustang GTR is my favorite car at Test Driver 5!

09/18/2015 2:06pm

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11/07/2015 10:04pm

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12/11/2015 11:29am

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